Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sexy Dangling Girls

There's nothing sexier than a hot chick dangling a cigarette from her lips. Here's a few pics for your dick hardening pleasure.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big Titties and Long Drags

This chick has got it going on. You can tell she's proud of those big titties. I love her deep dangling drags, spreading those fingers wide in a V shape, and of course those deep inhales. A hard dick in guaranteed.

Nice, Deep Inhales, Nothing Finer

Imagine this chick thrusting her tongue in your mouth and exhaling into you. Then she'll ride your dick and give you many smoking kisses until you explode.

Dangling Drags and Deep Inhales

Dangling drags and nice deep inhales. Hot! Hot!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Deep Inhales

This is hot. She's dangling her cigarette! She's taking nice, long, dangling drags, and deep sexy inhales. This is the way to smoke! So sexy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smoking and Proud of It

Some girls act like they are ashamed to smoke in public. My girlfriend used to be like that, but no more. There is nothing sexier than a good looking girl who is smoking and proud of it.

She knows she looks hot as hell and she knows she's hardening some dicks even though many of the hard dicks won't admit it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waiting for You

It's nice to find her naked in the bed, dangling a cigarette from her lips, and fondling her own titty nipples. As she watches your dick become rock hard, she spreads her legs and invites you to come in.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Secret to Powerful Cumshots

There’s no finer sensation than that moment right before I shoot a big hot cumload into my smoking girlfriend’s juicy, inviting pussy. Today I have her spread out wide and naked on the table. I am standing on the floor, pumping her pussy long and hard. She is of course smoking nice long cigarettes while I fuck her. What a sight! 

As she takes long deep drags and inhales deeply, I drive my dick deep inside her. The deeper she inhales, the deeper I stick it in! My sagging balls, filled to bursting with cum, slap rhythmically against her ass with each stroke. As I watch her smoke, my dick swells to enormous proportions. Surely it will rip open at the seams if it gets any harder. Watching her smoke while I fuck her excites me so! I have to periodically slow down or even stop to maintain control. 

After watching her smoke several long cigarettes, I can’t hold back any longer. I am so ready to shoot inside this fine smoking woman. As she lights a fresh cigarette and takes a long, deep drag, I begin to thrust longer, harder, and faster. She begins thrusting her hips upward toward me, helping me drive my dick deeper inside. Her enormous titties bobble up and down as I pick up the pace. 

“Come on, baby! Fuck me hard! Fill me full!” she begs. 

As she blows a long stream of smoke at me I rapidly reach the point of no return. I hold her legs wide apart, pumping her fast and hard, and then, as I thrust abruptly forward, penetrating her to the max, comes that first glorious convulsion! I scream and gasp as I feel my dick erupt inside her. Thrusting violently as I spurt and screaming with each convulsion, I blast her with one powerful burst after another. I feel my dick head become hot and sensitive as it is bathed in my pool of white hot juices trapped inside her. She cums and screams and wraps her long legs around my ass, pulling me even deeper into her hot cunt, her hips gyrating and convulsing around my squirting cock. The last drop has been shot, but I keep thrusting, milking every ounce of that glorious sensation from the end of my dick. She holds me even tighter with her legs as she screams and cums again. Her filled pussy makes slopping sounds as I continue to pump her vigorously. 

Finally I slow to a stop. I drive my dick head all the way in and just hold it there as I feel her pussy spasm around my shaft. She moans and immobilizes me with her legs until her orgasm finally subsides. We are both wet with sweat. She finally relaxes and taking a deep drag from her cigarette, reaches up to give me one hot, wet smoking kiss after another. Inhaling her smoke I moan as a couple of stray convulsions cause my dick to twitch nervously inside her. As cum oozes out of her from around my shaft onto the table, she lets me suck her smoky tongue as we trade her inhaled smoke back and forth.
Finally I allow my softening dick to slowly slide out. A huge gush of cum follows. She smiles as she lays back on the table, covered in sweat and cum watching little globs drip from my half hard dick onto the floor. 

Fucked hard, long, and filled to the brim with hot cum! There’s just nothing like fucking a smoking girl!

Tied Tight and Spread Wide

There is nothing more exciting than being tied naked in front of my smoking girlfriend. We have a torture table, the bottom of which is Y shaped. She will have me strip naked and stretch me out, spreading my legs out along each arm of the Y. There are two sets of straps for my thighs. My knees fold down and my ankles are tightly secured by a third set of straps. Other straps secure my waist and my arms.

She’ll dangle a nice long cigarette as I watch her strap me down nice and tight, the tighter the better. When she’s done I am completely immobilized, spread wide and naked in front of her, my exposed dick front and center and at her disposal. As I watch her smoke my dick will be bounding with my pulse, hardening with each long sexy drag. Finally I am absolutely rock hard, my dick head purple and the size of a door knob, with little droplets of precum leaking from my cumhole in anticipation of the massive load that will soon be launched from it.

She smiles and as she takes my hard dick in her hand I twitch uncontrollably at her touch. She knows I am extremely aroused when I just have to lay there helplessly watching her smoke. She can make my dick shoot hard and violently at any time and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. After much sexy smoking and relentless jacking she’ll bring me to climax. I am completely at her mercy but she’ll show no mercy as she forces a most excruciating cumshot which arcs powerfully over my head. Powerful convulsions expel my load as she pumps me dry. Long, fast, agonizing strokes follow as she jacks me violently long after I have shot off. Again there is nothing I can do but just squirt my entire load in front of her, thrash against my restraints, and scream. Shooting helplessly in front of her while she smokes is so exciting!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Naked in the Woods

Up along the river there is an old abandoned road bed that winds its way about a quarter mile up into some isolated woods. One day I suggested to my cigarette smoking girlfriend that we go there and have some fun.

It was a warm pleasant day and she was wearing a pair of tight white shorts and a tight halter top. I suggested we strip naked, leave our clothes in the car, and take a nice leisurely stroll down the path up into the woods.

"What if someone comes along and sees us?" she inquired.

"Well I guess they'll just see a couple of naked people in the woods!" I laughed.

Actually I knew we were pretty safe. I had been to this place many times before and had never seen anyone.

As she smoked a nice long cigarette, I got out and quickly stripped naked in front of her, stashing my clothes in the back seat. Only my shoes remained. She was a little unsure of all this but she was captivated by my gloriously hard dick, sticking out like a flag pole. She quickly followed suit and stripped as well.

"Let's take a stroll, baby!" I exclaimed.

So there we went, naked down the trail, leaving our clothes behind, me with only my shoes and a large beach towel and she with her shoes and a pack of cigarettes. I walked slightly behind her, admiring her fine round ass and long legs as she wiggled along, swinging her long cigarette to and fro.

I would come up behind her, bumping her ass gently with the head of my dick. She'd reach around grabbing and squeezing my shaft. As she would take a long drag from her cigarette I'd slide my dick between her butt cheeks and fondle her enormous titties from behind. Turning her head, she would exhale her smoke into me as I caressed her rock hard nipples with my fingers. Then we'd walk a little farther, repeating the smoking kisses and fondling every few steps. Her pussy was already dripping wet and I could tell she was extremely horny as I sucked her smoky tongue and tormented her titties.

Finally I was becoming so aroused myself that I was feeling weak in the knees. My dick was purple red and painfully hard, bounding up and down with my pulse. My balls were huge, aching, and sagging, full to bursting with her giant cum load! I was ready for action. A short distance off the main path we came to a small clearing and a huge flat limestone rock. As she lit a fresh cigarette, I spread out our beach towel on the rock. Slipping our shoes off, we quickly laid down, wrapping our legs around each other. 

"Oh, God, stick it in me now!" she commanded. "I need it so bad!"

Spreading her wide, I introduced my doorknob sized dick head into the entrance of her pussy. My rod was so thick and swollen that I experienced some resistance as I drove it in, but she was hot, wet, and ready so I had no trouble. Her pussy was tight around my aching member. She laid back, moaning and groaning, and began taking the most enormous drags I had ever seen. It felt so good to settle into her hot wet pussy. She pulled me in deep with those long legs!

As she filled my lungs with her exhaled smoke she exclaimed, "Oh baby! I get so horny when I smoke. I want you to watch me smoke and I want you to fuck me harder than ever before! Do it, baby! Do it!"

"Spread those legs open!" I exclaimed.

I began pumping her with hard, long, violent strokes, my ass bounding  high up and down between her legs, driving her ass against the firmness of the flat rock, her titties bobbling back and forth in rhythm. She began screaming and cumming almost from the start and her pussy was a sloppy mess as I pumped it. She would drive her ass up toward me, meeting me half way with each stroke as I impaled her. As she'd take another long deep drag from her cigarette, she'd cum again, over and over. I could feel a gigantic load building as I watched her. Nothing makes me want to cum harder than watching her smoke a nice long cigarette while I'm ravaging her pussy!

I was about to shoot so I slowed down for a bit to regain my control. This was too good to end quickly.

"Oh, please, baby, don't stop. Let me have it!" she begged.

"No way," I protested, "You're not getting my load until I get to watch you smoke two or three more of those long cigarettes."

And so it was. She took even deeper drags, increasing my desire to fill her pussy as I watched. She'd pull me down and give me long, hot smoking kisses and pull me deep inside her with her long legs. As she lit the third cigarette, I was almost exhausted and had been on the verge of cumming for some time. It was time to shoot!

"Here it comes, baby! Here it comes!" as I began pummeling her pussy, long, fast and deep. I could feel my dick swell quickly to bursting! I drove my dick powerfully inside her, pushing her whole body forward on the rock.

As I penetrated her to the max, I exploded! She screamed and I screamed as I blasted like a cannon deep inside of her! I shot so hard it felt like I shot my toenails through the end of my dick. I pumped furiously, grunting loudly with each convulsion, until the last drop was shot and then beyond as I bent down and she thrust her smoky tongue down my throat.

My dick continued with dry convulsions and I continued pumping until the sensation abated. We were both wet with sweat as I finished her off and her pussy slopped noisily as I delivered the final thrusts. I laid there in the white hot mess grunting and twitching as a stray spasm would visit my dick.

With my dick still inside, she rolled me over and got on top, hunching her ass up and down over my tender wet cock. I could hardly stand the sensation and I grunted and twitched as she tormented me. My dickhead was so tender! As she exhaled into me I would feel her pussy spasm around me as she pumped me up and down. She came several more times. She finally finished smoking her cigarette and I sucked her smokey tongue as she lifted her ass off of me. Cum gushed from her cunt as my flabby dick finally rolled out of her. 

She stood, straddling me, dangling a long, unlit cigarette from her lips. Her pussy was gaping wide open above me and her clitoris was red and swollen. She rubbed it with her fingers, making herself cum one last time as she fondled her hard nipples. Hot juices streamed down the insides of her thighs and dripped all over me like a faucet. Hot white puddles were all over me and that big flat rock that day as I lay naked in the sun. She lit up and lay next to me smoking and smearing cum all over my chest and belly and some all over her titties as well. 

After recovering on the rock for about a half hour, we finally stumbled back out to the old roadway and started making our way back to our clothes. We were both all sticky from our drying juices. She lit another cigarette and walked beside me on the way back, giving me one smoking kiss after another gently squeezing my shaft. I could not believe it but I was getting hard again. Watching her in the woods, naked and smoking, is more than any man can stand.

We finally got dressed and headed home with my hard dick straining in my shorts. When we got home, she tied me up and worked me over once again. The smoking was hot and sexy! The cumming was violent and painful and the screaming was intense, but that is a story for another day!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Perfect Recipe!

I dunno about the rest of you, but long sexy legs, a skimpy string bikini, a round shapely ass, and a long cigarette is the perfect recipe for a long hard dick and a violent massive cumshot!

Smoking Kisses

From our very first date I have enjoyed sitting next to my wife and watching her smoke. I'll snuggle close and as she takes a long sexy drag, I'll shove my tongue in her mouth after she inhales.
As she exhales her smoke, I'll inhale and she'll let me suck her smoky tongue. 

Sometimes we'll trade the smoke back and forth several times before we part. She makes my poor dick indescribably hard when we do this.
In case any of you were wondering, I fucked the hell out of her on our first date! I'll post a whole story about that later!

Welcome - Choose Your Favorite Smoke

Welcome to the Sexy Smoking Girl blog. This is obviously my introductory post. I'll try and post high quality pictures of sexy smoking girls for you to enjoy. I'd like to talk a little bit about my particular fetish and my likes and dislikes. I am not excited by just any kind of smoking. For instance some people are turned on by cigars. Those don't do a thing for me. I am a cigarette man. My wife smokes and she is aware of my fetish. She enjoys smoking for me and does those things that she knows will turn me on.

My favorite cigarette is a long, 120 length all white. I particularly like them not too thin. Misty 120's or Virginia Slim 120's are just about right. Cork tips are okay but are not my favorite. My wife tried More's the brown cigarette. I got particularly turned on watching her smoke these but they were a bit too strong for her taste. I like the taste of menthols too but my wife prefers regular which is just fine.

I hope your wife or girlfriend smokes sexy for you and keeps your dick hard all the time!